Don Lewon, CEO

Don was born in Lewiston, Montana and graduated from high school at Wasatch Academy in Mount Pleasant, Utah. He received his B.S from the University of Utah in 1958 and married Susan Packard three years later. They are the parents of Mark, Chris, and Anne. Don has been recognize as a Distinguished Alumnus of the University of Utah and has served on many boards throughout the community, including those for the above schools as well as The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI). His interests include tennis, skiing, traveling, and flying airplanes; and his family is proud that he was named one of Utah’s 2002 Fathers of the Year.

Mark Lewon, Vice President of Operations

Mark was born and raised in Salt Lake City and graduated from Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) with a degree in economics in 1986. Beginning in 1980 he worked at UMW during summers and holidays then further honed his skills at an international recycling company in California. He returned to UMW and has been assisting in running the family business full-time since 1988. Mark is politically active and has served in various leadership positions with the ISRI including his recent election to the leadership hierarchy of the national trade association. He is the proud father of two beautiful children: Prescott and Sarah.

Chris Lewon, Vice President of Marketing and Administration

Chris was born and raised in Salt Lake City and graduated from Highland High in 1985. He obtained his BA in business management from the University of Utah then spent several years working as a scrap purchasing agent and learning more about the trade at the same California company where his brother Mark worked. Since coming on board the family business in 1992 he has continued the tradition set by Don and Mark by serving in various leadership positions with the ISRI and has also been extremely involved with UMW’s community service projects. He and his very patient wife Laura are the proud parent of two sons: Austin and Packard.

Our Utah Metal Works Family

UMW employs over 40 full-time workers at our 10 acre Salt Lake City facility, many of whom have been with us for a long time: and they are the heart and soul of our business. We are proud of our team and its dedication to providing outstanding service to all of our customers whether they be in Utah, in other states, or across the world.