The PV system is designed to offset 86% of the electrical load at Utah Metal Works NorthBuilding. The proposed DC rating of the system is 28.08kW, and has the capability to expand to 56.16kW to meet future and current environmental commitments of the project. The system is designed to be compliant with the Buy American Provision of ARRA.

The PV system consists of 117 solar modules rated at240 watts each that are mounted on a standing seam roof. The panels are connected in strings of 13 modules for a total of nine strings. The inverters chosen for the project are the SMA Sunny Boy 8000US. Three strings are connected to each inverter, for total of three inverters. The approximate energy production of the installed system is 35,121kilowatt hours per year. According to the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalence Calculator this is the equivalent to one of the following:

  1. Carbon offset 53,391 lbs.
  2. Removing 4.7 passenger vehicles from the road annually.
  3. Not consuming 2,715 gallons of gas.
  4. Planting 621 trees.

This project is an excellent example of Utah Metal Works sustainable building development and practices.